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10 days in France by train – My itinerary

You have 10 days to spend in France and ask how to visit France : by plane, by car, by bus or train?

If you choose the train, here is a route that might interest you …

10 Days tour in France – Why travelling by train ?

Travelling by train can be a good choice to visit France. Indeed, this type of transport offers some advantages over plane, car or bus :

  • The train is comfortable ;
  • It allows to admire the landscape ;
  • The atmosphere is typical by train, it allows to meet nice French people ;
  • When traveling at night, you can sleep on the train and save on accommodation.
  • The train leaves on time and arrives on time ;
  • No parking problem, no traffic jam ;
  • The train is faster than car and bus ;
  • And less polluting !

But we must also report disadvantages :

  • The rail network is not developed enough in some places so limited destinations compared to the car.
  • The train is slower than the plane.
  • If you want to be sure to have seats at the chosen times, you must book almost 2 months in advance.

10 days tour in France – What to see by train ?

It is impossible to make the complete tour of France by train in only 10 days !

But we can select some regions or some cities, some places, some castles to visit in 10 days.

And to complete (surely because you are in love with France), you can come back later and try another circuit…

My circuit “ten days in France itinerary by train” is mainly done by train obviously but also by taxi for transfers to hotels and sites to be visited.

It’s a fact, if you take a car location, you will be able to see more places in the same time (10 days), but that will be more tiring… Look at my post : 10 days in France – My itinerary.

The solution could be, perhaps, to mix the two (train and car). It’s up to you to see and decide !

Itinerary 10 days in France by train – My route map

Circuit 10 days in France by train – summary of my itinerary

  • DAY 1 : Charles de Gaulle airport and transfer to your hotel in Montmartre.
  • DAY 2 : Discovery of Paris
  • DAY 3 : Paris visit on the morning – Train Paris castles of the Loire (2h30)
  • DAY 4 : Visit Chambord and Amboise Castles
  • DAY 5 : Amboise – Bordeaux journey (TGV 3h00) – Visit Bordeaux
  • DAY 6 : Visit Bordeaux in 1 day
  • DAY 7 : Train Bordeaux – Toulouse (2h00) – Visit Toulouse
  • DAY 8 : Toulouse – Carcassonne – Visit Carcassonne – Come back to Toulouse
  • DAY 9 : Train Toulouse – Rocamadour
  • DAY 10 : Rocamadour Visit – Trains Rocamadour – Paris

Are you interested in this tour ? Very good !

To know more and to have important details of the timing, visits, hotels… read my article :

10 days in France by train – My detailed itinerary

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