My 4 days tour in South of Brittany with map and detailed itinerary

4 days tour in South of Brittany – My road trip itinerary with map

I present here my circuit of 4 days in the South of Brittany which allows you to discover many castles of character, charming small villages and coastal landscapes and will end with the visit of Nantes the beautiful capital of Loire Atlantique.

This 4-day itinerary in Southern Brittany, in Loire Atlantique more precisely, aims to introduce you to some of my favorite sites in France. Indeed, France is full of beautiful villages or historic castles whose aesthetics and historical value are as important as some monuments of Paris!

How to visit South of Brittany in 4 days?

The simplest and most practical will be to do this circuit by car. Indeed, a road trip in this beautiful region will allow you to avoid the constraints of organized tours where you must quickly reach the bus at this time … And what flexibility to be able to leave at the time that suits us, to stop where we want, to eat when and where we want, to arrive at the hotel at any time …

In addition, this itinerary was developed over 4 days, but the advantage of doing it by car is that you can adapt it to your convenience and at your own pace.

4-day circuit in Southern Brittany – Map of my itinerary

4-day circuit in Southern Brittany – Summary of my itinerary

  • DAY 1: From Nantes, road to visit the Clisson Castle and the Château de la Motte-Glain
  • DAY 2: Chateaubriant Castle, village of Kerhinet
  • DAY 3: Salt marshes of Guerande, La Baule les Pins, Careil castle
  • DAY 4: Pornic, return to Nantes and visit of the city

4-day tour in Southern Brittany – Stages of my itinerary

South Brittany Tour in 4 days – Day 1

  • Take the road to Clisson which is the most important historical site of the Pays d’Art and History of the Nantes vineyards. In 45 minutes, you will arrive on the site of the castle of Clisson. This castle, built between the 12th and the 17th century, consists of a polygonal enclosure surrounded by round towers and fortified walls.
chateau de clisson in my 4 day tour in South of Brittany with itinerary map
  • Then drive about 1h15 to the village of La Motte-Glain.
  • Visit the Château de la Motte-Glain. It is one of the first castles of the Renaissance in Loire-Atlantique. It was built before Château de Châteaubriant and Ancenis. The castle is open to visits every day from 14:30 to 18:30 (except Tuesday).
  • Road to the Chapel Glain for installation in bed and breakfast.

Where to sleep near Glain Chapel?

Here is a good address on my itinerary just a few kilometers before Château de Châteaubriant (the next stop on the tour).

in Erbray offers bed and breakfast in a beautiful setting. See more infos on Booking

South Brittany Tour in 4 days – Day 2

  • For this 2nd day, you will ride about thirty minutes to arrive at Château de Châteaubriant. In the Middle Ages, this castle was a high place of defense of the Breton territory against the Kingdom of France who wanted, at the time, to seize the duchy. Donjon, ramparts, houses of the medieval court still testify to the power of this fortress and its remarkable past in the History of France.
4 day tour in South of Brittany with itinerary map Château de Chateaubriant
  • Then direction the pretty village of Kerhinet. This former village of peasants and weavers. There is a hamlet of twenty pretty cottages. These are the traditional habitats of the region of Brière whose roofs are made of thatch (the reed found in the marshes). Be careful, cars are forbidden in the village so plan to park in a car park before entering the village.
village of Kerhinet in South of Brittany and in my itinerary
Stop in the village of Kerhinet in my 4 days tour in Southern Brittany
  • Then drive in diection of Batz sur Mer near Guerande to spend the night.

Where to sleep near Guerande?

It is in Batz-sur-Mer, with a direct access to a magnificent beach that is the Hotel Le Lichen De La Mer. View more infos on Booking

South Brittany Tour in 4 days – Day 3

During this third day, my itinerary invites you to discover in the morning the salt marshes of Guerande and La Baule on the afternoon.

  • Early departure to enjoy the famous salt marshes of Guerande. You can visit by horse-drawn carriage. Thus, you will slowly discover the fauna and flora of this natural site.
  • Then a short trip of 30 minutes to take your lunch on the peninsula of Croisic. This old town with half-timbered houses, nestled at the foot of the Notre Dame de Pitié church, is pleasant for strolling along the quays and along the harbor.
  • In the early afternoon, towards La Baule bay a half-hour drive.
  • La Baule is best known for its beach and bay. To relax, you can then walk in the picturesque district of La Baule-les-Pins.
  • Then go towards the castle of Careil. Note that some visits are by candlelight, or as a game in period costumes.
South of Brittany itinerary Chateau de Careil
  • Return and overnight in a fabulous place on the Bay of La Baule.

Where to sleep near La Baule

Here is an unforgettable site that I recommend in Pornichet: the Château des Tourelles Hotel (Thalasso and Spa). See more infos on Booking

South Brittany Tour in 4 days – Day 4

You will end this 4-day tour in Loire Atlantique by Pornic and Nantes.

  • A journey of approximately 45 minutes will take you to Pornic. You will discover its beautiful cliffs interspersed with numerous coves of golden sand. Head to the cornice of Noëveillard to take beautiful pictures of the cove of Pornic.
  • After 1 hour drive back to Nantes. To discover the city of Nantes, go directly to the castle of the Dukes of Brittany (château des Ducs de Bretagne) which is located in the city center of Nantes in the heart of the old medieval town in the district of Bouffay. You can visit the Museum of the city of Nantes which is into the Castle. Thus, you will impregnate the history of this city and its new projects.
my Southern Brittany tour in 4 days with CHATEAU DUCS DE BRETAGNE NANTES
  • After the visit of the Castle, go for a walk in this medieval district of Bouffay to discover the typical narrow streets and half-timbered houses. Do not forget the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Pau cathedral, a little jewel of Flamboyant Gothic style.

Where to sleep in Nantes

Here is the hotel that I recommend to tourists who want a perfect and central location to visit on foot the center of Nantes: Mercure Nantes Center Passage Pommeraye. See more infos on Booking

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