Best district in Paris for tourists

Best neighborhood in Paris

When you plan your stay in Paris, the first question you ask is about where to stay. Where is the best Paris district for tourists ? Everybody will inevitably ask: In which neighborhood is it better to choose a good hotel in Paris? How to select a neighborhood in Paris that is not dangerous and that meets our own desires (tourism, opera, museums, shopping …)?

Here below, I’m not going to describe all the Parisian districts and « arrondissements » … No, I’ll just present you my favorite districts in Paris and give you the main characteristics of the best neighborhood in Paris for tourists.

Best neighborhood in Paris – The 8th arrondissement

All the chic and luxury of Paris are here: Elysee Palace, Champs Elysees, Faubourg Saint-Honore, Arc de Triomphe, Parc Monceau, Palaces and sumptuous mansions …

If in Paris, the upscale neighborhoods are numerous, the district of the famous Triangle d’Or of Paris is one of the most prestigious. This is a small area of the 8th arrondissement which is bounded by avenues George V, Montaigne and the Champs-Elysees. There are very beautiful luxurious residences, palaces, designer boutiques (LVMH, Dior, Chanel …) and Embassies. But it is also a tourist district with the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées which extends for nearly two kilometers, the Arc de Triomphe and many other monuments and museums.

The 8th arrondissement is therefore a perfect place to choose a hotel if you are looking for a very nice place, chic, quiet and very secure. The good hotels are many but I can recommend 3 in particular: My selection of 3 best hotels in Paris

It is a fact: the 8th « arrondissement » has the most beautiful districts of Paris. On the other hand, for the tourists who want to go out in the evening in lively places with bars, theaters, discotheques, it is not in the 8th district they will have to choose.

Best Paris district for tourists – The 9th arrondissement

On the right bank of the Seine, it’s the district of the Opera and department stores like Les Galeries Lafayettes. But it is also where we will find famous theaters like Folies Bergères and Olympia. Many museums also make this 9th district an ideal district for tourists.

Best neighborhood in Paris for tourists – The first arrondissement

With the Louvre Museum, the Place Vendôme, the Halles and the Palais Royal, this district could be the best neighbourhood in Paris for some tourists. Indeed, this district has a central position in Paris but also it is full of tourist sites such as the Ile de la Cité, the Conciergerie, the Tuileries Garden, the Carrousel Garden, the Forum des Halles, the Saint-Roch church …

Best Paris district for tourists – The 2nd arrondissement

The 2nd arrondissement has fairly popular and cosmopolitan districts. They are very lively because there are many cafes, theaters, bars and restaurants.This borough can be a good plan for finding a cheap and central hotel! However, it will be necessary to forget the calm and the tranquility …

Best neighbourhood in Paris for tourists – The 4th arrondissement

This district can be interesting for tourists who want to go shopping along the rue Rivoli. Also for those who wants to discover very old districts of Paris ranging from the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral to the Marais district via the Ile Saint-Louis.

Best neighborhood in Paris for tourists – The 18th arrondissement

This is my favorite place in Paris: Montmartre !

This nice district is totally different from all other Parisian neighborhoods because it has a special atmosphere and has kept the soul of its past. Very appreciated by the tourists of the whole world, I let you discover this beautiful district of Paris in my article: Montmartre one of my favorite places in Paris

You are looking for a good hotel in Paris ?

This is My selection of 3 best hotels in Paris

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