Honeymoon in France - Best places for honeymoon Paris, Nice or in Annecy

Honeymoon in France – Best places for honeymoon Paris, Nice, Annecy?

If you are hesitating about your honeymoon destination, discover why France may be the ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon. And if you hesitate to organize your own trip, you will see that there is no need for an agency to organize a dream trip to France. Flights, budget and formalities… See all my advice to prepare your honeymoon in France. Finally, I will tell you what I think are the 3 best honeymoon destinations in France: Paris, Nice and Annecy.

Honeymoon in France – Reasons to choose France

Because your honeymoon must have a postcard setting, because your honeymoon must be out of the ordinary, be a unique experience in a romantic place, France is the ideal destination for a lovers’ stay!

Moreover, in France, the newlyweds will be able to make beautiful tourist visits, beautiful gastronomic discoveries and to reserve moments of relaxation to enjoy at two beaches or exceptional and romantic sites as much as they wish.

Destination France – For which newlyweds?

Unlike a tourist tour, the mythical honeymoon rhymes with evasion, change of scenery, luxury stay, relaxation and rest. However, France is a perfect destination for all newlyweds who want to disconnect completely from their daily lives and decompress after the stress and tensions of preparing for the wedding ceremony.

Indeed, a honeymoon in France will allow the young couple to meet each other in complete privacy, to rest on the most beautiful beaches of the French Riviera, to visit the small typical Provençal villages but also to walk in the streets of Paris to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Montmartre, Saint Germain des Pres or the Champs Elysées and why not a candlelit dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

Book your honeymoon in France with a travel agency?

For those who don’t want to get involved in organizing their trip, going to a travel agency will be the best solution. Indeed, the only thing they will have to do is to take an appointment to choose the hotels and pay for the complete trip (possibility to put the honeymoon on the wedding list).

It’s very fast, easy but very expensive… Indeed, honeymoon packages are often more expensive even if they display promotional prices. In addition, some tour operators offer honeymoon packages in which you must then add the price of excursions, supplements for certain rooms or even increase the price to access certain activities.

Finally, with the price of a wedding trip to France organized by an agency you could make at least two trips to France organized by yourself and in the same hotels…

Organize by yourself your honeymoon in France?

If you begin early enough (ideally 5 to 6 months before), organizing a honeymoon in France is not at all a big task and will have some significant benefits:

  • A much lower budget than with an agency;
  • The possibility to choose exactly what you want and therefore to have a customized trip;
  • Avoid the traps of mass tourism (large standard hotels, clouds of other honeymooners, crowded beaches or buffet restaurants…).

Honeymoon in France – Advice on organization

Because with Internet nowadays, there is nothing easier than organizing a trip, here are some tips to plan your honeymoon in France without spending a fortune….

Honeymoon in France – When to plan your trip?

As soon as possible, the better!

Thus, you will be able to benefit from better prices for both flights and hotels in France. You will have more availability and will be able to choose exactly what you want. The longer you wait, the more hotels will be full. There are often only those left who others do not want.

In fact, as soon as you have determined the exact dates of your holidays, you will need to think about your honeymoon, validate the budget and start booking online.

Honeymoon in France – Best period?

If you are hesitating about the period to go to France, be aware that you should avoid the autumn and winter periods (low temperatures and frequent rainfall) in particular:

  • November,
  • in early December,
  • January,
  • February,
  • March,
  • April.

The best periods for a honeymoon in France will be:

  • End of year period (December 20 to January 5) for the magic of the end of year holidays, Christmas decorations and fairytale shows,
  • Spring (temperatures between 18 and 24°C) and summer (between 25 and 32°C), so from May to early October.

Honeymoon in France – How long to stay?

To be able to enjoy your honeymoon in France, escape, go sightseeing and take the time to rest… the ideal will be to stay in France for at least 2 weeks.

But, if you have a small budget, it is better to leave for a shorter period of time but enjoy an unforgettable 7 or 8-day trip rather than choose a less interesting destination to spend more time there…

For an exceptional honeymoon, it is not the duration that is important but the quality!

Honeymoon in France – What is the budget?

The budget for a trip to France is high but will depend on many factors that can reduce it considerably:

  • choice of dates that will impact the cost of flights (avoid school holidays),
  • choice of hotel,
  • choice of restaurants or an all-inclusive package,
  • choice of the duration of the stay,
  • choice of excursions and activities on site.

It is therefore up to you to calculate if your budget will allow you to travel to France on the desired dates, for 7, 10 or 14 days and to choose your hotel according to your needs…

The best thing to do is to prepare a “honeymoon” kitty that will allow you to make the first reservations on the Internet (flights and hotel) knowing that you will have a complementary budget made up of the generosity of the wedding guests.

Book your flights and your stay in France in advance

As soon as you have determined the exact dates of your trip, you will need to start comparing flight prices for France on the Internet. Indeed, according to the Companies and the dates the prices can go from single to double… For that, you can use is the comparator Skyscanner. Then you will need to book your hotel as soon as possible.

What formalities for a trip to France?


To go to France, if you are not a European, you will need a passport. Plan to process your passport application 3 to 4 months before your departure. If you have one, check that it is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return.


Unless you are a resident of a Schengen country, a visa to enter France will be required. You must ask for it well before your departure from the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence. The type of visa required for a honeymoon will be that for stays of 90 days (3 months) or less: the “Schengen visa”.

Insurance and banking

You can take out additional insurance with your flight ticket. However, if you pay with a card, depending on the type of card (e. g. Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold), the card’s insurance is generally sufficient for repatriation, loss of luggage, accidents, etc. Simply plan to take with you the telephone number of your card’s Assistance (the number to contact first in the event of a problem on site) and the number of the insurance policy (on the general conditions).

Finally, it is advisable to inform your bank of your departure for France so that it does not block your card once it is there (withdrawals or payments abroad can trigger suspicious use alerts).

Honeymoon in France – PARIS the best place

If there is a destination not to be missed for a romantic stay in France, it is Paris!

PARIS the best place for honeymoon in France

Famous the world over for being the capital of lovers, Paris will allow you to enjoy your romantic time::

  • walk hand in hand through the typical streets of Montmartre,
  • go up to the third floor of the Eiffel Tower to kiss you with a panoramic view of all of Paris,
  • marvel at the city’s most beautiful monuments by letting yourself be carried away by the waves on a bateau-Mouche,
  • enjoy a candlelit dinner in a gourmet restaurant…

How to visit Paris during your honeymoon?

Of course, it would be a shame to be in Paris and not visit the most beautiful places of the capital! And to discover the must-see places of Paris, I propose a small tour to do in 1 day or 2 days to visit Paris on foot:

1 day to visit Paris

2 days to visit Paris

Which hotel for a honeymoon in Paris?

For the more romantic stay in the heart of Paris, I have selected one of the most beautiful hotels of the city: The Shangri-La Hotel

The setting and exceptional style of this hotel offer a feeling of luxury and privilege but also all the discretion, intimacy and calm that lovers can expect…

Honeymoon in France - Best places for honeymoon - hotel for a honeymoon in Paris

Honeymoon in France – NICE a good idea

If you are looking for a destination for a lovers’ stay in France, in the sun, with the beach, the charm of Provence and the typical small restaurants, it is in Nice that you should go!

Indeed, what could be more romantic than a stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais, hand in hand. Nice is probably the most romantic city on the French Riviera and awaits you:

  • to take the time to admire the landscape by sharing tender moments on the famous blue chairs,
  • to walk through the alleys of old Nice,
  • to admire the sunset from the Castle Hill,
  • to discover the hinterland of Nice, the French Riviera and the small villages of Provence…

Honeymoon in France - NICE

How to visit Nice during your honeymoon in France?

If you choose Nice for your next honeymoon, you can take the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Nice but also to take a small tour in Provence, Luberon…. See my itinerary: 10 days in the south of France.

Which hotel for a honeymoon in Nice?

For a romantic stay in Nice, in a very well located hotel with services as you might expect from the best palaces, here is:

The Negresco

hotel for a honeymoon in Nice

Honeymoon in France – ANNECY an unusual destination

It is certainly a very special destination for a honeymoon in France but it is a city that I particularly like. It is, I am sure, a perfect place for a romantic stay with lake, mountains, the charm of an old French city, good restaurants…

Annecy best city for a honeymoon in France

How to visit Annecy during your honeymoon in France?

If you decide to go to Annecy for your next honeymoon, you can take the opportunity to visit the city (Visit Annecy in 1 day) but also to do a small tour throughout France…. See my itinerary: 10 days in France.

Which hotel for a honeymoon in Annecy?

For me, the most beautiful romantic and historic hotel in Annecy is The Imperial Palace

Located in the heart of the French Alps, thus Palace is a 4-star hotel in front of the beautiful Lake of Annecy !

hotel for a honeymoon in Annecy

But in France, you can also plan a superb relaxing stay: Best spa hotels in France

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