Hotel in Normandy accepting dogs my 2 best dog friendly hotels

Hotel in Normandy accepting dogs – 2 best pet friendly hotels in Normandy

You are planning a vacation or a tour in Normandy and you are looking for the best hotel accepting dogs. Indeed, you decided to take your dog for your trip to Normandy and you did well!

Normandy is one of the most pet friendly regions in France! With its immense territories, beautiful and wide beaches and pretty walks to do in nature, Normandy is a perfect place to travel or for a holiday with your dog. This post will help you choose the best hotel in Normandy that accepts dogs so that you can spend a dream stay with your beloved dog!

Normandy with a dog – What accommodation with a dog in Normandy?

More and more structures (hotels, campsites, apartments, palaces, unusual accommodations) now welcome dogs. That’s good, but under what conditions? Many hotels accept dogs but have not provided any equipment… Many hotels often allow dogs to attract guests, so be careful before booking.

Here are some tips that may help you find the ideal accommodation for a tourist or relaxing stay but which will be adapted to dogs.

Of course, the important thing when you spend a holiday with a dog is to have enough space in the house for your puppy to feel good. The other essential element for a successful stay with your dog is that the accommodation has a small garden so that your dog can do his necessities (which you will of course pick up!!!!). These are two selection criteria that I advise you to put among the priority criteria in your hotel searches.

However, this does not mean that we will have to sacrifice the right localization (especially for a tourist tour or a relaxing stay), cleanliness and comfort! If your search is not successful and apartments or hotels that meet these criteria are no longer available, look for a hotel with green spaces or a beach nearby for your dog’s small needs but also for his rides.

Normandy with a dog – Best pet friendly hotel in Etretat

Here is the apartment I recommend for a stay in Etretat in Normandy with a dog: Hôtel Chante Brise in Etretat

Why choose this hotel for a stay in Normandy with your dog?

  • Well, first of all because it is located in Etretat, which is an essential site in Normandy. Any tourist visiting the region will inevitably visit Etretat where the landscapes are simply sublime.
  • Then, because the hotel Chante Brise has a garden and a terrace! And as explained above, the garden is important for a stay with your doggie. In addition, the beach and gardens of Etretat are accessible in 10 minutes by foot, which is perfect for your dog’s daily walks.
  • Finally, because this hotel offers exceptional services and comfort for its price: rooms with lounge area, view on the sea and the cliff, playground for children, free private parking, Wi-Fi…

More information about this hotel dog friendly in Etretat

Normandy with a dog The Best dog friendly hotel in Etretat
Normandy with a dog Best dog friendly hotel in Etretat in Normandy

Normandy with a dog – Best pet friendly hotel in Bayeux

This is the best hotel I recommend for a stay in Bayeux with a dog: Hôtel Château de Bellefontaine à Bayeux  

Why choose this hotel for a stay in Normandy with your dog?

  • For its perfect location in Bayeux (15 minutes walk from the centre of Bayeux and close to the D-Day beaches),
  • Because it is a magnificent castle (an 18th century manor house) with spacious and comfortable rooms,
  • For its splendid park with 200-year-old trees and a superb pond. It is the ideal place to spend time with your dog (walks, games, swimming…),
  • For all the other little extras: wifi, tennis court, free parking…

More information about this hotel dog friendly in Etretat

Normandy with a dog - Best dog friendly hotel in Bayeux in Normandy
Holiday in Normandy with a dog - Best dog friendly hotel in Bayeux

Normandy with a dog – Formalities and documents to be taken

Wherever you go with your dog in France, it will be essential to check in advance that he has a microchip and that his health certificate is up to date with his vaccinations. Of course, his health certificate will have to follow you everywhere on holiday.

You will also ensure that it has received good parasite protection.

For those travelling by plane, other procedures (European passport, airline agreements, etc.) will also have to be planned. It is strongly recommended to proceed well in advance to question the airline directly.

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  1. […] Pour ceux qui vont choisir de visiter notre belle France avec leur toutou, ce sera très simple de trouver de bons hôtels bien équipés qui accepteront votre animal. Parmi les sites les plus touristiques, l’Alsace, la Bretagne, la Normandie, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux ou Toulouse comptent de nombreux bons hôtels pour des séjours avec des chiens. Et même si notre capitale n’est pas en tête des villes les plus dog-friendly de France, Paris compte tout de même quelques bonnes adresses d’hôtels accueillant les chiens et ce, à des prix tout à fait abordables ! Découvrez par exemple un article d’un site comparatif présentant les meilleurs hôtels de Paris avec un chien : Paris con un perro ou encore Normandy with a dog. […]

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