Marseille in 1 day - Must see places tour and Marseille itinerary on foot city tour

Marseille in 1 day – Must see places tour – Marseille itinerary on foot map

Your tour in the South of France goes through Marseille … Or, you are on vacation in Provence and you want to visit Marseille … The opportunities are many to visit this beautiful city Mediterranean! But often, there is too little time to visit the Phocaean city. So if you are wondering how to visit Marseille in 1 day, here is my itinerary on foot to discover the must see places in Marseille! Indeed, this itinerary on foot (map below) will allow you to see the most beautiful places of Marseille in 1 day while enjoying my good gourmet addresses … Because yes, I have family in Marseille who help me to discover something other than the bouillabaisse!

Marseille tour in 1 day – My list of must-sees

Difficult to choose from all the beautiful places in Marseille, the only places that are the most interesting to visit in 1 day. Difficult also to organize them to make a nice tour on foot but not at the pace of the race … This Marseille city tour is done quietly to be able to profit without being speed! Here is the list of my must-see places of Marseille selected for my 1-day walk tour:

  • The Terrasses du Port
  • Cathedral La Major
  • MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean)
  • Saint Laurent Church
  • Fort Saint Jean
  • Old Port of Marseille
  • Place aux huiles
  • The jardin de la colline Puget
  • Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
  • Restaurant L’épuisette

Marseille tour in 1 day – Map of my itinerary

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Marseille tour in 1 day – Stages of my itinerary

Marseille Walking Tour – Terrasses du Port

Departure on foot from the Terrasses du Port (The shopping center offers a terrace that opens onto an exceptional view!) Or directly from your NH Collection hotel (see herebelow) for a short walk of 12 minutes.

Marseille Walking Tour – La Major Cathedral

The Cathedral of La Major is composed of two churches which have been superimposed: the old and the new Major. It is located on an esplanade between the neighborhoods of the Old Port, the Panier, the Joliette and 2 steps from MuCEM and Fort Saint Jean.

Marseille Walking Tour visit La Major Cathedral

Marseille Walking Tour – MuCEM

The Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean is a brand new museum in Marseille. It opened on June 7, 2013. It is more than 40,000 m² dedicated to exhibitions around the Mediterranean world in all its diversity. Its location is very well thought for tourists to visit. Indeed, it is located between the Fort Saint Jean and the Cathedral of the Major. A footbridge connects it to Fort Saint Jean, an inseparable fortress of the history of Marseille. While a second footbridge of 70 meters makes the junction with the church Saint Laurent.

Marseille Walking city tour and visit the MuCEM

Marseille Walking Tour – Fort Saint Jean

(Access by the gateway MuCEM) – A little history? So, know that this fort is the former commandery of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem in the twelfth century. During the Crusades, Fort Saint Jean was the starting point for troops to the Holy Land. It consists of a chapel, a church, a hospital, as well as the palace of the commander.

Fort Saint Jean one of my stage in my itinerary to visit Marseille in 1 day

Marseille Walking Tour – Saint Laurent Church

The church Saint Laurent dominates the pass of the Old Port. Dating from the 12th century, it is one of the oldest churches in Marseille that deserves a visit.

Marseille Walking Tour – Vieux Port de Marseille

The Vieux port de Marseille (old port) is certainly the most famous place of Marseille.

Vieux Port one of the must see places of Marseille in 1 day

You must feel its atmosphere by walking on the docks and going to discover its fish market. If you go on weekends, do not miss its traditional Provencal market. Lavender, santons, Marseille soaps and other regional products are offered to tourists looking for souvenirs …

Fisch market one of my stage in my itinerary to visit Marseille in 1 day

Marseille Walking Tour – Place des huiles

This is where I suggest you take the lunch break or if it’s already done, have a small coffee or ice cream on the terrace before continuing our tour in Marseille in 1 day.

Marseille Walking Tour – Restaurant recommended

If you want to avoid the “tourist restaurants”, I advise you to discover the restaurant : the 29 Place aux Huiles. As the name suggests it is located on the Place aux Huiles. You can enjoy Provencal specialties made with fresh market produce. The setting is rather trendy but keeps character with its stone walls and exposed beams.

Marseille Walking Tour – Le jardin de la colline Puget

To get to Notre Dame de la Garde, the best way is to go through the Puget Hill garden. This pretty garden is located as its name suggests at the top of a hill overlooking the Old Port. After some effort to climb this hill, the reward awaits you: A splendid view of the city of Marseille that deserves the photo …

Marseille Walking Tour  The vew from Le jardin de la colline Puget

Once at the top, it will continue your efforts to reach the Basilica Notre Dame de La Garde which is not very far …

Marseille Walking Tour – Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde

From its height of 160 meters, the “Good Mother”, as affectionately nicknamed in Marseille, offers a panoramic view of all the city, the Old Port, Fort Saint-Jean and even the archipelago of Frioul.

Marseille my itinerary in 1 day - Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde

Marseille tour in 1 day – Hotel recommended

NH Collection Marseille – 37 Boulevard des Dames, 13002 Marseille

In a beautiful building dating back to 1864, the NH Collection Marseille is very well located in a safe and quiet area: La Joliette. This is the new business and leisure district of Marseille located in the 2nd district near the Panier and the Old Port. In the city center, 15 minutes walk from the Gare Saint Charles and next to the metro station La Joliette, its location is also interesting for lovers of shopping. Indeed, it is exactly 8 minutes from the big and beautiful shopping center Les terrasses du Port. At 100 Euros per night, you can enjoy a hotel with very high benefits and exceptional service (exceptional value for money Marseille). See this hotel on Booking

Marseille tour in 1 day – Best restaurant in Marseille

If you want to spend an exceptional evening, I advise you to book well in advance the gourmet restaurant L’Epuisette. Its chef Guillaume SOURRIEU knows how to prepare delicious dishes around the fish and the site is simply magical on the Corniche facing the sea.

You hesitate to come to Marseille because of his reputation,

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