Nice with a dog The Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice Promenade des Anglais

Nice with a dog – Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice

A holiday in Nice with your dog? Yes but you probably think that Nice is a city and is not the ideal place to stay with your dog… You think that with a dog you will not have access to the most beautiful apartments or the best hotels in Nice…

Well know that organizing a stay in Nice with your dog is quite possible and easy! Indeed, Nice is a dog friendly city since it has been ranked 3rd best city of France to live with a dog by the french animal journal “30 Million d’amis”.

It is important to note that the city of Nice has created 11 spaces of freedom for dogs: as well as a beach reserved for dogs: the beach of Carras

For your stay, you only have to find the best geographical location in the centre of Nice and then select the best hotel that will accept your dog. It will therefore be necessary to compare the neighbourhood, characteristics and other services of the best hotels in Nice that accept dogs you have selected.

With this article, I propose to help you to do this work and find the best hotel in Nice that will accept your dog. And especially the one that will be perfectly adapted for you and your puppy’s stay!

And to visit Nice on foot with your dog here is the itinerary of the tour: The must-see places of Nice on foot

Nice with a dog – What criteria to choose a good hotel with a dog?

More and more hotels accept animals and therefore dogs everywhere in France, especially in Nice. This is very good because you no longer have to let your dog be guarded by neighbours, family or friends… And leave with the feeling of abandoning your pet. Taking your doggie on a trip, weekend or holiday also allows you to share good times with your doggie.

But if many apartments or hotels accept animals, the question must be asked: Under what conditions?

Indeed, many hotels welcome dogs but are not adapted at all and have not provided anything in terms of equipment… It is often to attract customers that many hotels allow dogs. So if you don’t want your doggie to be unhappy during your stay in Nice, be careful before booking.

In fact, the important thing when you spend a holiday with a dog is to have enough space in the apartment or hotel room. Then, you will also have to think of a place where your dog can do his needs and finally a place where you can take him for a walk in the morning and evening.

These are the priority criteria for selecting hotels for a stay with a dog. So to sum up, for the comfort and well-being of your dog, you will need a fairly spacious accommodation with a place for your dog to do his needs (ideally a garden) and/or natural areas (park, beach, walks…) nearby for his outings.

But you shouldn’t sacrifice your desires and requirements to those of your doggie either. That is why it is important to select the apartment or hotel with complementary criteria such as the right location facing the beach, cleanliness, comfort, restaurant…

After a long search, I was able to find 2 hotels which, in my opinion, rank among the best hotels accepting dogs in Nice.

Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice for small budgets

Here is the 1st hotel I have selected in Nice among the best and cheapest that welcome dogs: The Hôtel West End Promenade

It is first of all for its geographical location in Nice that I selected this magnificent hotel (monument of 1842). As it is right next to the Garden of the Legion of Honour, it will be perfectly suited for a stay with your dog. Indeed, you only have to walk along the street to walk your dog in the pretty shaded park that surrounds the Masséna Museum.

This hotel is located on the Promenade des Anglais facing the beach. It is therefore an ideal place to stay in Nice with a green space for your dog, the beach for a successful holiday and in the idyllic and mythical setting of the Promenade des Anglais!

Rooms are refined, well equipped and some even have a beautiful balcony. With its exceptional view, its two restaurants, its extremely friendly staff, this hotel in Nice has everything you need to spend a good holiday in the sun with a dog. And without breaking the bank: Night from 128 Euros for a 4-star hotel!

More information about this pet friendly hotel in Nice

Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice for small budgets on the Promenade des anglais
cheapest that welcome dogs: The Hôtel West End Promenade

Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice – Best dog friendly Palace

Here is the 2nd hotel that I have selected as the best hotel in Nice with dogs: The famous and mythical Hotel NEGRESCO.

It is surely the most dog friendly hotel in Nice. As an example, here is how Negresco offers to welcome your dog:

“As your pets are an integral part of your family, they are naturally welcome at Hotel Negresco. We will be particularly careful to ensure that they have everything they need. Bowl, basket, litter box will be at their disposal so that they too can enjoy a 5-star stay. In addition to taking beautiful walks along the Promenade des Anglais, they can accompany you anywhere in the hotel. »

And just like the West End Promenade Hotel, the Negresco Hotel is located right next to the Garden of the Legion of Honour. It will therefore also be perfectly suited for a stay with your dog. All you have to do is leave the hotel to walk your dog in the pretty shaded park surrounding the Musée Masséna.

As for Negresco’s services, its reputation says more than any words and superlatives I could quote….

More information about this pet friendly hotel in Nice

Best hotel accepting dogs in Nice - Best dog friendly Palace in Nice

Nice with a dog – Steps and documents to be taken

Wherever you travel in France with your dog, he will of course need to have a microchip. In addition, his health certificate must be up to date with his vaccinations. So don’t forget to check all this before you leave… Of course, his health certificate should follow him wherever you go on holiday or on a road trip in France

And for those who want to travel by plane with their dog, it will also be necessary to provide other procedures (documents, airline agreements…) and equipment (transport bag for small dogs or transport crate for large dogs who will travel in the hold). You will need to check the conditions of transport of your dog directly with the Company before booking your ticket.

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