Paris with dog – Best pet friendly hotels in Paris

Are you planning to travel to Paris with your dog? Indeed, you don’t want to feel guilty by leaving your dog in a kennel or in a pension and you know that with your dog your stay will be much more joyful and pleasant….

Know that taking your dog with you to Paris is fully possible and it is not at complicated!

It will be necessary to inform yourself well in advance and organize accordingly. This is what I did in February 2019 when I had to travel to Paris with Picasso, my 9-year-old labrador. I must admit that finding the ideal accommodation was not so easy…

So maybe I’ll help you to plan a stay in Paris with your dog by giving you some advice on how to organize and choose accommodation. So, I hope you will find the best apartment or hotel in Paris that will accept your dog so that you can spend a dream stay with your pet!

Paris with a dog – What accommodation with a dog in Paris?

More and more structures (hotels, campsites, apartments, palaces, unusual accommodations) now welcome dogs. Faced with this ever-increasing offer, I had to favour certain selection criteria to satisfy my dog’s needs.

Because yes it is very good that a majority of hotels now accept dogs, but under what conditions? Many hotels welcome dogs but have no facilities… It is often to attract guests that many hotels allow dogs, so be careful before booking!

Of course, the important thing when you choose a hotel for a stay with a dog is to have enough space and ideally a small garden. This is what I recommend as a priority criterion in your research.

If your investigation does not succeed and if the available hotels are not very large and/or do not have a small garden, check if there are green spaces nearby for your dog’s needs but also for his walks.

This is what I have been looking for first and foremost while keeping my requirements of:

  • Good location;
  • Comfort ;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Reasonable price.

Here is my selection of the 2 best hotels accepting dogs in Paris.

Best pet friendly hotel in the center of Paris

This is the hotel I recommend: Hôtel des Grandes Ecoles

The main advantage of this magnificent hotel is its courtyard, which has been transformed into private gardens right in the city center! It’s a rare and precious thing in Paris when you consider staying in a hotel with your dog!

Walking with your doggie, having breakfast in the garden or reading a book in the shade of a hundred-year-old tree, this is what you can enjoy while staying at the Hôtel des Grandes Ecoles.

Its location in the heart of the Latin district, its family atmosphere, the metro within 5 minutes walking distance and its underground car park are also very appreciated.

Another asset, and not the least, is its excellent value for money.

More information about this hotel in Paris

The best pet friendly hotel in the center of Paris

Best pet friendly apartment in the center of Paris

For those who want to spend more than one or two days in Paris, the ideal is to stay in an apartment. Here is the apartment I recommend for a stay with your dog : Le Rayz

This 4-star residence (Attestation of Excellence Tripadvisor) offers an exclusive, confidential, calm and bright atmosphere for a stay in the heart of Paris with your dog. Indeed, Rayz offers luxury accommodation located only 250 metres from the very luxurious Place Vendôme and 5 minutes’ walk from the Opera Garnier.

And what is most interesting for your dog is his indoor garden and terraces (depending on the type of accommodation chosen).

pet friendly apartment in the center of Paris for your dog

More information about this apartment in Paris

Paris with a dog – Formalities and documents to be planned

Wherever you are taking with your dog, it is important to check in advance that he has a microchip and that his health certificate is up to date with his vaccinations. Of course, his health certificate will have to follow you everywhere, especially if you are on a small tour in France….

For those travelling by plane, other procedures (passport, airline agreements, etc.) will also have to be planned. So be informed in advance.

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