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If, this year like me, you have decided to care and pamper yourself by having a Thalasso cure in Brittany, this topic may interest you. I will not detail all the strengths of thalassotherapy for your health, nor all the benefits of a physical fitness for your mind or your morale… In reality, as for thermal waters, the advantages of seawater are confirmed and completely recognized. No, that being said, I will answer in detail all the questions I asked myself before choosing a Thalasso stay in Brittany:

Which form of Thalasso to choose in Brittany? How long does it take to do a good thalasso treatment in Brittany? Thalasso Centre or Thalasso and Spa Hotel in Brittany: Which option to choose? What are the quality guarantees of a Thalasso centre in Brittany? Which Thalasso and Spa hotel in Brittany is the best?

By answering these questions, I have been able to identify the best thalassotherapy hotel in Brittany, more precisely the one that can satisfy my desires, my requirements and in particular my quality criteria.

What type of wellness stay to choose in Brittany?

Thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, thermalism… Well, it’s all very complicated! In order to choose the kind of experience you really need, you will have to start by understanding what it is about.

Thermal cure in Brittany

These are stays near thermal springs with treatments based on mud and mineral water. These cures are intended mainly for people suffering from rheumatism, respiratory problems, dermatological problems… These are curative treatments that can help to relieve various pathologies. The majority of thermal cures are usually prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist and take place in a spa over a period of 3 weeks to a month.

Balneotherapy in Brittany

Balneotherapy refers to all water-based treatments whatever the type of water: spring water, thermal water, fresh water, sea water. Therefore, a balneotherapy can be done anywhere, even at your home in a “balneotherapy” bathtub. The benefits of balneotherapy (well-being and fitness) do not result from the specific virtues of the water used but from the way the water is administered on your body:

  • shower with powerful jets to stimulate blood circulation and tone the skin (can also act on cellulite loss)
  • hydro-massage bath (to relax, relax and promote venous and lymphatic circulation)
  • whirlpool bath (principle of whirlpool baths to relax muscles), etc….

It is therefore the centre’s equipments that will determine the quality of balneotherapy. A balneotherapy in Brittany can therefore be enjoyed anywhere in Brittany and not exclusively on the seaside.

Thalassotherapy in Brittany

Thalassotherapy refers to all the treatments practiced with all substances from the marine environment: water, mud, algae… A thalassotherapy in Brittany can therefore combine the therapeutic properties of seawater with the benefits of balneotherapy. A thalassotherapy cure in Brittany will therefore be practiced exclusively on the seaside resorts of Brittany.

Whalassotherapy treatments, generally provided by health professionals, can relieve back pain, tiredness, heavy legs, osteoarthritis… But for the majority of people, a thalassotherapy experience in Brittany is first and foremost a stay for the well-being of the person, a stay to enjoy the sea, a stay to attenuate stress, a stay to get fit, lose weight or even fight a depressed state. In fact, thalassotherapy essentially consists of comfort treatments (physical + mental).

How long for a thalasso in Brittany?

When I investigated the many Thalasso centres in Brittany, I could understand that a Thalasso weekend will only be a simple but very pleasant weekend of relaxation and well-being. In fact, for a good recovery and longer-term therapeutic effects, it is recommended to book a stay of at least six days with a minimum of four daily treatments.

Are there any quality guarantees for Thalasso centres in Brittany?

With the offer of Thalassotherapy centres that has become very important in France, it is difficult to know which ones are quality establishments providing professional and supervised care and whose hygiene will be unbeatable.

In fact, there is a National Professional Union of Thalasso in France which joined forces with the International Federation of Thalassotherapy to create the organization France Thalasso in 2008.

This organism ensures that the designation “Thalassotherapy” and the fundamental values of Thalasso are respected. For a Thalasso hotel, being registered by France Thalasso is therefore a recognition of quality. In fact, to be listed by this organisation, Thalassotherapy centres must adhere to a quality charter based on the AFNOR XP X50-844 standard and must comply with the following commitments:

  • Privileged site by the seaside in a preserved environment;
  • Use of natural sea water;
  • Medical surveillance to guarantee a serene cure;
  • Team of qualified and attentive professionals;
  • Guarantee of optimal hygiene and safety;
  • Compliant and regularly maintained installations.

It is therefore well recommended to check, for your next Thalasso center in Brittany, that the hotel you have chosen is well registered by this organization.

This is what I did when I looked for the best Thalasso hotels in France. I applied my usual search criteria (attractive geographical situation, comfort, cleanliness, restaurant) and I checked that they were well referenced by France Thalasso. Thus, I can guarantee that all thalasso hotels listed on my website are recognized and quality thalassotherapy centers.

Thalasso Center or Thalasso Hotel in Brittany? Which one to choose?

From the fifty thalassotherapy centers that exist along our Breton coasts, all of them offer different types of stays whose lengths are variable and customizable, ranging from a simple day to a stay of 1 week or more.

For accommodation, you can choose between staying in the hotel in the Thalassotherapy center or staying elsewhere outside the center. In the latter case, you do not opt for a Thalasso stay but for a Thalasso cure alone. The option of a hotel in the centre or linked to the centre is the ideal option, especially since most hotels offer attractive packages for this type of stay.

Best hotel Thalasso and Spa in Brittany

Below is one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in Brittany located in Arzon in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan: the Miramar La Cigale Hotel Thalasso & Spa. In an exceptional setting, with a quality of accommodation worthy of a luxury hotel and a health centre at the cutting edge of technology, this Thalasso centre has received and is still receiving very many excellent opinions, all of which confirm that this establishment is top-of-the-range.

More information about this Thalasso and Spa

The Best thalasso and spa hotel in Brittany in France

Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany – For its environment

At the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, this hotel is located at the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula, facing Belle Ile en Mer. In the heart of a wild nature, this boat-shaped building dives on the beautiful beach of Fogeo, 3 minutes walk from the Port of Crouesty and right next to the port of Navalo.

Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany – For its equipment

Miramar La Cigale is the most beautiful thalasso centre in Brittany. With its cabins opening onto the outside and the marine lake, it offers a relaxing and relaxing universe dedicated to well-being. Equipped with the latest technologies, the thalassotherapy centre has a seawater pool with panoramic views, a jacuzzi on the 4th floor, a fitness area with a view of the ocean and an ocean spa.

 Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany  for its equipment

Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany – For its many treatments and services

With a varied and customizable treatment program (hydromassage baths, seaweed wrap, bubble baths, underwater massage showers, jet pools, massages…), whatever your desire or needs, you will find the best adapted treatments.

Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany – For its restaurants

For a perfect holiday, this hotel has 2 restaurants: Le Safran, which offers a traditional and gourmet cuisine, and Le BE, which offers a gastronomic but balanced cuisine.

More information about this Thalasso and Spa

 Best Thalasso and Spa in Brittany  for its 2 restaurants

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