Spas, wellness centers - Best French thalassotherapy and spa in Loire Atlantique

Spas, wellness centers – Best French thalassotherapy in Loire Atlantique

If like me, this year you decide to take care of yourself with a short week of French thalassotherapy treatments on the Atlantic coast, this article may well interest you. I will not detail all the benefits of thalassotherapy for your health, nor all the benefits of getting in shape for your mind and your spirit… Indeed, just like for thermal waters, the benefits of seawater are indisputable and totally recognized in France.

No, however, I will answer point by point all the questions I asked myself before choosing a thalassotherapy hotel in Loire Atlantique:

What kind of therapeutic stay should you choose on the Atlantic coast? How long for a good Thalasso treatment in Loire Atlantique? Thalassotherapy Centre or Hotel in Loire Atlantique: Which formula to choose? What are the quality guarantees of a french thalassotherapy centre? Which Thalasso hotel to choose on the Atlantic coast?

It is by answering these questions that I was able to determine the best Thalasso and spa hotel in Loire Atlantique, i.e. the one that meets my desires, my needs and above all my quality criteria.

What kind of wellness stay to choose on the Atlantic coast?

Thalasso, spa, balneotherapy, thermalism… Whoa! It’s all very complicated! To choose the right type of stay, you must first understand what it is all about.

Thermal cure stays in Loire Atlantique

These are stays near thermal springs with treatments based on mud and mineral water. These stays are mainly aimed at people suffering from rheumatism, respiratory problems, dermatological problems… These are medical treatments that make it possible to treat certain pathologies. Thermal cures are generally prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist and take place in a spa for a period of three weeks to one month.

Balneotherapy stays in Loire Atlantique

Balneotherapy is the term given to all water-based treatments regardless of the type of water: spring water, thermal water, fresh water, sea water. Thus, a balneotherapy stay can be done anywhere, even at home in a “balneotherapy” bathtub. The benefits of balneotherapy (well-being and fitness) do not result from the specific benefits of the water used but from the way the water is used on your body:

  • shower with powerful jets to stimulate blood circulation and tone the skin (can also affect cellulite loss),
  • hydro-massage bath (to relax, relax and promote venous and lymphatic circulation),
  • whirlpool bath (principle of whirlpool baths to relax muscles),
  • etc….

It is therefore the equipment that determines the quality of balneotherapy. A balneotherapy stay in Loire Atlantique can therefore be enjoyed anywhere in Loire Atlantique region and not only in a marine environment.

French Thalassotherapy stays in Loire Atlantique

The term thalassotherapy includes all the treatments practiced with all the substances from the sea: water, mud, algae… A thalassotherapy stay can therefore combine the therapeutic virtues of the waters or sea products used with the benefits of balneotherapy. A thalassotherapy stay in Loire Atlantique will therefore only be practiced on the seaside resorts of Loire Atlantique.

Thalassotherapy treatments, generally provided by health professionals, can relieve back pain, fatigue, heavy legs, osteoarthritis, etc. But for most people, a thalassotherapy stay in Loire Atlantique is above all a stay that feels good, a stay to enjoy the sea, a stay to relieve stress, a stay to get back in shape, to lose weight or to fight against a depressed state. Thalassotherapy includes comfort treatments (physical + mental).

How long for a good therapeutic spa on the Atlantic coast?

When I surveyed the many Thalasso and spas centres on the Atlantic coast, I was able to understand that a Thalasso weekend will only represent a simple but very pleasant weekend of relaxation.

In fact, for a good recovery and longer term therapeutic effects, you should opt for a stay of at least 6 days with a minimum of 4 cares per day.

What are the quality guarantees of the French thalassotherapy centres?

With the increasingly large number of Thalassotherapy centres on offer in France, it is difficult to know which ones are quality establishments offering professional and supervised care and whose hygiene will be irreproachable. In fact, there is a French National Professional Union of Thalasso which joined forces with the International Federation of Thalassotherapy to form the organization France Thalasso in 2008.

This organization ensures that the name “Thalassotherapy” and the fundamental values of Thalasso are respected. For a Thalasso centre, being accredited by France Thalasso is therefore a recognition of quality.

Indeed, to be listed by this organization, Thalassotherapy centers must adhere to a quality charter based on the AFNOR XP X50-844 standard and must comply with the following commitments:

  • Privileged site by the sea in a preserved environment
  • Use of natural sea water
  • Medical surveillance to guarantee a serene cure
  • Team of qualified and attentive professionals
  • Guarantee of optimal hygiene and safety
  • Compliant and maintained installations

It is therefore important to check, for your next Spa en Thalasso stay on the Atlantic coast, that the establishment you have chosen is well approved by this organization.

This is what I did when I selected the best Thalassotherapy and Spas hotels in France. I applied my usual selection criteria (interesting geographical location to combine Thalasso cure and tourism, comfort, cleanliness, restaurant) and I checked that they were well referenced by France Thalasso. Thus, I can guarantee that all the Establishments that I have been able to reference on this site are all recognized and quality Thalassotherapy Centres.

Thalasso Centre or Thalasso Hotel in Loire Atlantique? Which formula to choose?

Among the hundreds of thalassotherapy centres that exist along our French coasts, all of them offer different types of stays whose lengths are variable and customizable, ranging from a simple day to a stay of a week or more.

For accommodation, you have the choice between staying in the hotel in the Thalassotherapy centre or staying elsewhere outside the centre. In the latter case, you do not opt for a Thalasso stay but for a Thalasso cure alone.

The central hotel option is the ideal option, especially since most hotels offer attractive packages for this type of stay.

Best Spa and thalassotherapy hotel in Loire Atlantique

For its exceptional setting, for the quality of its accommodation and for the professionalism of its centre’s care, it is the Alliance Pornic hotel that I have selected below. Of course, I have also studied the many excellent comments that customers have left on the web.

More information about this hotel

Best French thalassotherapy and spa hotel in Loire Atlantique in France

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique – For its setting

Nestled in a small protected cove facing the island of Noirmoutier, this hotel complex is housed in the late 19th century building of the ancient Casino de Pornic. This magnificent 120-room establishment has 2 restaurants with sea views, 2 panoramic bars and a superb 4,000 m² Thalassotherapy & Spa Fitness Area.

This centre is ideally located on the Atlantic coast, on the shores of the ocean, just a few minutes from the city centre of Pornic. To combine wellness and tourism, you can hike along the customs officers’ path, discover Gourmalon or sail to the Guérande peninsula. Pornic’s golf course is only 3 km from the hotel.

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique – For its equipment

The 4000 m² thalasso centre is directly connected to the hotel. It was renovated 4 years ago to make the treatment rooms more spacious and even more pleasant. This centre has also invested in new high-tech equipment: hydro-massage bath with chromotherapy, affusion shower, hydro-massage bed…

The thalasso centre is composed of:

  • 1 aquatic pool of 350 m² of sea water heated to 33°C
  • 1 swimming pool covered in seawater heated to 30°C
  • 1 hammam
  • 1 sauna for men and one for women with chromotherapy
  • 1 cardio-fitness room
  • 1 Waff relaxation room (with airbags)
  • 43 individual care cabins

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique – For its care and services

With the many formulas combining hemes and various durations, whatever your desire or needs, you will find the right care. In addition, the Pornic Alliance Thalasso Centre offers its clients various free activity sessions, such as:

  • 2 dietary workshops per week per week led by a dietician
  • 2 sessions per week of tonic walking
  • 1 beauty workshop led by a beautician
  • Aquagym and fitness sessions

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique – For its restoration

For a delicious stay, this hotel has 2 restaurants:

  • La Source restaurant with panoramic view of the ocean (traditional cuisine and seafood buffet on Wednesdays);
  • The restaurant La Terrasse (dietetic cuisine prepared with products from organic farming).

More information about this hotel

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique in France HOTEL RESTAURANT

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