Look at the 5 best Thalasso and Spa hotels in France

The 5 best Thalasso and Spa hotels in France

A lot of tiredness, overwork, stress, blues…. Today’s life and rhythm force us to take care of ourselves, to do good to our body but also and above all to our morals!

And enjoying the benefits of iodized air, the richness of the Mediterranean or the Atlantic and the virtues of seawater by offering exceptional thalassotherapy treatments in France is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself.

But before the multitude of thalassotherapy centers that have been installed along our French coasts, it is better not to make a mistake and to choose between the best hotels of Thalassotherapy and Spa of France.

I present below the 5 most beautiful Thalassotherapy and Spa hotels of France that offer the best marine treatments in prestigious places for some, privileged for others or in a preserved and wild nature?

Your Thalasso and Spa in France

Before booking a Spa hotel in France, it is advisable to ask yourself a few questions that will help you understand what your needs and wishes really are:

What type of wellness stay to choose in France? How long does a thalassotherapy cure last? What to choose: Thalasso Center or Thalasso Hotel in France? What are the quality guarantees of Thalasso centers in France? How to choose your Thalasso and Spa hotel in France?

By answering these questions, you will be able to identify the best Thalasso and Spa hotel in France for you, more precisely the one that best suits your wishes, your needs and your quality and service criteria.

What type of “well-being” stay should you choose in France?

Thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, thermalism… To choose the type of stay you really need or want, it is important to start by understanding what it is about.

Thermal cure

These are stays near thermal springs with treatments based on mud and mineral water. These cures are mainly aimed at people suffering from rheumatism, respiratory problems, dermatological problems… These are curative treatments that can help alleviate various pathologies. Most of the thermal cures are usually prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist and take place in a spa (duration from 3 weeks to one month).


Balneotherapy is the name given to all water-based treatments, regardless of the type of water: spring water, thermal water, fresh water, sea water. Thus, a balneotherapy can be carried out anywhere, even at home, in a bathtub of “balneotherapy”. The benefits of balneotherapy (well-being and physical condition) are not the result of the specific virtues of the water used, but of the way in which the water is administered to the body:  

  • shower with powerful jets to stimulate blood circulation and tone the skin (can also affect the loss of cellulite),
  • hydromassage bath to rest, relax and promote venous and lymphatic circulation,
  • whirlpool bath (principle of whirlpool baths to relax muscles), etc…

Therefore, it is mainly the equipment that determines the quality of the balneotherapy treatments. Therefore, a balneotherapy stay in France can be practiced anywhere in France and not exclusively in a seaside resort.

French thalassotherapy and spa

The term thalassotherapy includes all the treatments practiced with all the substances of the marine environment: water, mud, algae… A thalassotherapy stay in France can, however, combine the therapeutic properties of seawater with the benefits of balneotherapy. On the other hand, a thalassotherapy cure in France will be practiced exclusively in French seaside resorts.

Thalassotherapy treatments, generally carried out by health professionals, can alleviate back pain, fatigue, heavy legs, osteoarthritis…. But for most people, a thalassotherapy stay in France is first and foremost a stay to do good, to enjoy the sea, to relieve stress, to get in shape, to lose weight or sometimes to fight against a depressive state. Thalassotherapy therefore essentially includes comfort treatments that have a positive effect on health (mental and physical).

How long for a Thalassotherapy in France?

When I examined the numerous thalassotherapy centres in France, I could understand that a weekend of thalassotherapy will only be a simple but very pleasant weekend of relaxation and rest.

In fact, for a good recovery and long-term therapeutic effects, a stay of at least six days with a minimum of four treatments per day is required.

What quality guarantees does the Thalasso offer in France?

Compared to the offer of Thalassotherapy centres which has become very important on the French coasts, it is difficult to know which are the quality establishments which offer professional and supervised care and whose hygiene will be perfect.

In fact, there is a National Professional Union of Thalassotherapy that joined forces with the International Federation of Thalassotherapy to create the organization France Thalasso in 2008.

This organization ensures that the name “Thalassotherapy” and the fundamental values of Thalassotherapy are respected.

Therefore, for a Thalasso hotel, being accredited by France Thalasso is a true recognition of quality.

In fact, to be included in the list of this organization, thalassotherapy centers must respect a quality charter based on the AFNOR XP X50-844 standard and must comply with the following commitments:

  • Privileged site next to the sea in a preserved environment;

  • Use of natural sea water;

  • Medical surveillance to ensure a quality cure;

  • A team of qualified professionals;

  • Guarantee of optimal hygiene and safety;

  • Compliant and well-maintained facilities.

It is therefore advisable to check, for Thalasso’s future stay in France, that the hotel he has chosen is validated by this organisation.

This is what I did when I looked for the 5 best Spa hotels in France. I applied my usual selection criteria (attractive geographical location to combine a Thalassotherapy cure with tourism, comfort, cleanliness, good restaurant) and checked that they were all well referenced by France Thalasso. Therefore, I can guarantee that all the Establishments I have selected below are recognized and quality Thalassotherapy Centers.

My selection of the 5 best thalassotherapy centres in France

Best Thalasso in France – Basque Coast

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Biarritz – Presentation

More information about this hotel Thalasso & Spa

South West Thalasso & Spa hotel in FRANCE

Miramar Thalassa sea & spa has been chosen among the best establishments on the Basque Coast for its exceptional surroundings, its many facilities and above all for the quality and modernity of the treatments in its Thalassotherapy Centre.

Located in front of the beach, in the centre of the elegant and very chic city of Biarritz, in the heart of the Basque Country, the location of this Thalasso centre allows you to enjoy a region rich in heritage, culture and traditions.

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Biarritz – Facilities

Everything is there: indoor seawater pool, sauna, hammam, outdoor hot water pool with panoramic sea view, high-tech fitness room…. Nothing is missing in this prestigious thalassotherapy centre.

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Biarritz – Innovative treatments

The Thalasso centre, integrated into this luxurious hotel, offers a large number of new and innovative treatments such as Integral Body Cryotherapy (Immersion in a dry cold at -170°C) or Softmesology (effective, non-invasive and painless anti-aging treatment).

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Biarritz – Restoration

Sofitel Miramar Thalassa has a chef (Robert Job) who, according to your tastes, can satisfy your desires for gourmet or dietetic cuisine.

Best Thalasso in France – Brittany

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Erzon – Presentation

More information about this Thalasso and Spa

Best thalasso hotel in France IN BRITTANY COUNTRY

Located in Arzon, in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, Miramar La Cigale Hotel Thalasso & Spa is definitely the best Thalassotherapy and Spa hotel in Brittany.

Situated at the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula, opposite Belle Ile in Mer, this beautiful hotel is unrivalled in the Gulf of Morbihan. This cruise building flows over the beautiful beach of Le Fogeo, a few minutes walk from Crouesty Harbour and right next to Navalo Harbour.

With its exceptional natural environment in the heart of Brittany and its state-of-the-art health centre, this Thalasso has received and continues to receive excellent reviews, confirming that this establishment is one of the best in France.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Erzon – Equipment and treatments

Miramar La Cigale is designed to optimise the pleasure of the eyes (perfect aesthetics with its cabins open to the outside and to the marine lake) and the pleasure of body and spirit: it offers a universe of relaxation and well-being.

The thalassotherapy centre has been able to acquire the latest technologies in terms of marine spas, including a seawater pool with panoramic views, a jacuzzi on the 4th floor, a fitness area with sea views and an ocean spa.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Erzon – Gastronomy

You will not only go to Miramar La Cigale for Thalassotherapy! No, this hotel also attracts you for its 2 restaurants: Saffron, which offers a traditional and gourmet cuisine, and BE, which offers a gastronomic but balanced cuisine.

Best Thalasso in France – French Riviera

Best Spa Hotel in Bandol – Presentation

More information about this hotel

Best Thalasso Hotel & Spa France ON French Riviera

Here is one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels on the Mediterranean coast with an integrated thalassotherapy centre: The Hôtel & Spa Île Rousse.

Located in Bandol, in the Var, in a beautiful natural setting with a backdrop of Calanques and Aleppo pines. Very well located because it is very close to the city centre, it has 2 private beaches with turquoise and crystalline waters.

With a quality of accommodation worthy of a luxury hotel and a state-of-the-art health centre, this hotel has excellent reviews, which confirm that it is a high-end hotel.

Best Spa Hotel in Bandol – Equipment and treatments

Heated swimming pool with sea water overflow, 800 m2 thalassotherapy centre with whirlpool baths, water beds, sauna, jet showers, hammam, beauty area, rest area…. Everything is there to improve a perfect stay of well-being under the sun of the French Riviera. Thus, according to your needs or desires, you will be able to enjoy numerous cures whose themes and durations are modular (Cure of Talazur, Cure of Zen Relaxation, Cure of Discovery…).

Best Spa Hotel in Bandol – Restaurant

For your stay of relaxation and well-being to be a total success, you must not forget the pleasure of your gustative taste buds…. And here, Hôtel & Spa Île Rousse stands out with its gourmet restaurant Les Oliviers. Its chef Jérémy Czaplicki creates a gourmet, inventive and/or dietetic cuisine which is one of the strong points of the hotel.

Best Thalasso in France – Normandy

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Cabourg – Presentation

More information about this Thalasso & Spa hotel

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Cabourg IN france

Due to its geographical location, the quality of its accommodation and the professionalism of its thalassotherapy treatments, it is the Hotel Les Bains de Cabourg that is at the forefront in comparison with the high quality establishments that can be found in Normandy. Of course, to make this choice, I also studied the many excellent comments that customers posted on the Internet.

Facing an immense beach, in the heart of unspoilt nature, this 4-star hotel is located in Cabourg, a charming seaside resort full of history and tourist attractions.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Cabourg – Equipment and treatments

The “Marine Area” is equipped with two beautiful seawater pools heated to 32°C, jacuzzis, saunas and steam baths. With a panoramic view of the sea, the environment is exceptional and the decoration of the treatment rooms has been perfectly designed to optimize the natural benefits of chromotherapy. 

With multiple formulas combining thematic cures and varied durations, whatever your desire or needs, you will find adapted, professional and high quality treatments.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Cabourg – Gastronomy

The panoramic restaurant “Le poisson d’Argent” serves a traditional French cuisine prepared with seasonal products that adds to the excellent reputation of this hotel.

Best Thalasso in France – Loire Atlantique

Thalasso & Spa Hotel in Pornic – Presentation

More information about this hotel

Best Spa Centre Loire Atlantique in France HOTEL RESTAURANT

Located in a small cove in front of the island of Noirmoutier, this Thalassotherapy is located in the old Casino de Pornic (building of the late nineteenth century).

It is ideally located on the Atlantic coast, by the sea, very close to the centre of Pornic. To combine fitness and tourism, you can get lost on the customs road, discover Gourmalon or go to the Guérande peninsula. 

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Pornic – Equipment and treatments

The 4000 m² thalassotherapy centre is directly connected to the hotel. It has invested in new high-tech equipment: hydromassage bathtub with chromotherapy, afusional shower, hydromassage bed…. It includes a water pool of 350 m² heated to 33°C, an indoor swimming pool (sea water heated to 30°C), hammam, sauna for men and one for women with chromotherapy, cardio-fitness, relaxation room with airbags and 43 individual treatment rooms.

Hotel Thalasso & Spa in Pornic – Dining

With its two restaurants, there’s something for everyone:

  • The panoramic La Source restaurant serving traditional and gourmet cuisine;
  • The restaurant La Terrasse that serves a healthy and elaborated kitchen with organic products.

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