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Welcome to Blog for France !

I’m Karine, a French woman who lives in the city of  Toulouse in South West France and also the author of  Blog for France !

My first interests are food and travel. I travelled a lot in South America, in Asia, in Europe…

All the countries I visited were beautiful, interesting, endearing… but the country that I prefer is the place where I live : my sweet and greedy France !

With my blog for France, I would like to show you France as it really is, my authentic and beautiful France !

What is the purpose of  Blog for France ?

The mission of this blog is to invite you to travel in France giving you good advice, my own addresses, my tips and my favorites, smart and interesting driving tours in France

For me, travel is not only visiting a city, a monument or a church. To travel is also to discover a culture, gastronomy, wines, different lifestyles.

Who is Blog for France for ?

You are planning a trip to France ? Blog for France can help you !

You are going to France with a lot of money ? It’s perfect to visit France in the best conditions ! I’ll show you the best hotels and more… like My selection of 3 best hotels in Paris

You want to visit France but you don’t have a lot of money ?

It’s not a problem : I will tell you how to visit and enjoy France without much money !

For example, I published :

The 5 best cheap castels hotels in Loire Valley

The 5 best cheap castles hotels in Provence

Top 5 best cheap hotels in Paris for a family

The 3 best cheap hotels in Paris

The 3 best cheap hotels in Bordeaux

The 3 best cheap hotels in Toulouse

The 3 best cheap hotels in Marseille

Why you should visit France ?

Imagine a coffee terrace in Montmartre, an afternoon to discover Impressionist paintings, a restaurant under the olive trees in a small village of Provence, a trip back to the Middle Ages in the castle of Carcassonne, a day in vineyards with tasting of Bordeaux wines… : Yes you are in France !

It’s easy to choose France as a travel destination. But the most complicated, or the most pleasant if you are on my blog (!!!), will be to choose between : Sea or mountain ? City or countryside ? Star restaurants or little neighborhood bistros ? Paris or Bordeaux ? 7 days or 2 weeks ? South of France with their small fortified villages or Brittany and its windy coast or Paris with its wonderful monuments or the French Riviera and its seaside resorts, Mont Blanc, Mont-St-Michel, the castles of the Loire … The list is infinite. So I stop here otherwise you will fall asleep !

My France also brings a mosaic of regions with marked cultural identities rich in know-how and traditions. Join the festivities that animate the small villages, meet the artisans and sit down to table, because the most delicious gastronomic specialties, including wines and cheeses, are waiting for you all over my country. You will also travel in France while eating and drinking !

Best places in France – My favorites

For best places to visit in France, first, I give you my own list and for each place, you can discover a special post with more informations and details…

Of course, my list has to include France’s capital city : PARIS. What would a stay in France be without a tour in Paris  (Montmartre, The  Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, Notre dame…) ?

Then my favorites places are :

These places are not classified by order of my favorites because it is impossible for me to choose… And I am sure there are more beautiful places in France, but I have not visited all the places in France yet ! 

Best places in France – How to visit France ?

I am writing some posts with my favorite places to visit according a 10 days trip in France. I give you models of itineraries you can adapt with the number of days you will stay in France. These itineraries allow to visit France by yourself (by car or by train). They are optimized for a 10 days trip but they will be more interesting and pleasant if you adapt them for 12 days or 15 days or even more…

I just published (but others are going to be published very soon) :

10 days in France by car / My itinerary

10 days in France by car / My detailed circuit

10 days in South of France by car / My itinerary

10 days in South of France by car / My detailed itinerary

2 week itinerary South of France

Normandy Brittany driving itinerary in 10 days

10 days in France by train / My itinerary

10 days in France by train / my detailed circuit

1 week in France from Brittany to Bordeaux

3 days to discover Arcachon Bay

2 days to visit French Basque country

7 days in Corsica Island

Loire Valley Castles in 2 days

Also, I am going to give you my cities itineraries with maps and detailed tour like :

One day in Paris

Two days in Paris

One day in Toulouse

Two days in Toulouse

Three days in Toulouse

One day in Bordeaux

Two days in Bordeaux

One day in Marseille

One day in Avignon

One day in Annecy

One day in Lyon

Two days in Lyon

One day in Strasbourg

Two days in Strasbourg

One day in Nancy

One day in Nice

One day in Rennes

And, for those who travel in France with their dogs, here are some hotel recommendations:

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Paris

The 2 best dog friendly campings in Paris

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Normandy

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Brittany

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Bordeaux

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Marseille

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Alsace

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Toulouse

The 2 best dog friendly hotels in Nice

This blog is a little baby. Give it enought time to grow…

And come back from time to time to take news about Blog for France!


You want to travel outside France ? Maybe to Colombia, in Peru, in Indonesia, in Scotland… then I advise you to start travelling in the Mad Travel Bag blog which can give you some ideas and itinerary advice.